SV-HARNESS-INT Intercom Harness

SV-HARNESS-INT Intercom Harness

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The SV-HARNESS-INT Intercom harness includes wiring for the following:

25 pin female D-Sub connector with the following connections:
15' leads for:
  • Radio Audio Input
  • Radio Mic Out
  • Pilot Headphones
  • Copilot Headphones
  • Pilot Mic
  • Copilot Mic
6' leads for:
  • Music In
  • Non-Muting Input
  • Muting Input
  • EFIS Audio L/R/Gnd
  • EFIS Dim
  • Power
  • Ground

All wires are 22 AWG aviation-grade Tefzel coated wire. All wire bundles are shielded except for EFIS Audio, EFIS Dim, Power and Ground.

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