SV-EMS-220 Engine Monitoring Module

SV-EMS-220 Engine Monitoring Module

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(Note: The SV-EMS-221 is designed to support the fuel injected Rotax 912 iS)

Flexibility: The SkyView System is highly configurable for you to design the exact Engine Monitoring display you want. Common engine configurations come standard, but an easy to use setup menu allows you to choose exactly which sensors, displays, ranges and alarms you want.

Some of the parameters you can measure with the SkyView EMS include:

  • Tach
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temperature
  • Fuel Flow with Fuel Computer
  • Fuel Pressure
  • CHT
  • EGT
  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Fuel Computer
  • Engine and Flight Timers
  • It also can monitor discrete sensors for:
  • Trim Position
  • Flap Position
  • And other aircraft parameters

Connections: The SV-EMS-220 has two connectors, a D37 and a D25. The D37 contains dedicated RPM, Voltage, Fuel Flow, Current, MAP, general purpose inputs, and two thermocouple inputs (for extra CHTs and EGTs). The D25 has twelve thermocouple temperature inputs for EGTs and CHTs). The EMS Module is connected to a SkyView Display via a D9 connector.

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