SkyView SE Display, with Harness (SV-D900 and SV-D600 for Simple VFR)

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*Due to global parts shortages, 7” SkyView SE displays are not currently available*


Available in 10" and 7" Display sizes

(Includes SV-D900/A 10” Display, SV-HARNESS-D37)

(Includes SV-D600/A 7” Display, SV-HARNESS-D37)

Designing your System

Displays form the basis of your SkyView System. They connect to other modules and accessories to perform various avionics functions. For example, primary flight instruments require an SV-ADAHRS-200, engine monitoring functions require a SV-EMS-220 and related sensors. VFR GPS navigator features require a GPS position source, such as the SV-GPS-250 or SV-GPS-2020.

To design your SkyView System, choose between SkyView HDX, SkyView Classic, and or SkyView SE models. From there, you'll add a suite of components and modules to tailor your system's features and functionality to your aircraft's mission. There are a variety of resources to help you plan your system, including an online system configurator, the Dynon Catalog, and a Price List/Ordering Guide.

Dynon's new SkyView SE system offers a streamlined and simplified experience for pilots of simple VFR aircraft. SkyView SE displays are made specifically for VFR aircraft and pilots who want the most intuitive flight and engine instruments on the market. They feature simple and clear displays, with almost no menus to navigate in flight. At the same time, SkyView SE retains modern, innovative Dynon EFIS capabilities like SkyView’s revolutionary COM radio interface and 2-axis autopilot with single-touch controls.

For aircraft in the US market, SkyView SE systems equipped with Dynon’s Mode S transponder and SV-GPS-2020 offer the lowest cost integrated glass panel system meeting FAA 2020 ADS-B Out requirements.



1: Simplified Mode Only 2: No AP Controls: Trim Control & Autopilot Autotrim Only
3: Auto or Ext Knob Only
4: Via External Button
5: One External NMEA Source

Note: All SkyView systems rely on GPS groundspeed as a backup in the event pitot airspeed is lost (ie: blocked pitot tube). This redundency assures the system always presents a reliable attitude indication in the event of a pitot failure. For that reason, the SV-GPS-250 or SV-GPS-2020 GPS antenna/receiver is required.

To find out more of the SkyView SE, including Frequently Asked Questions, click here!

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